Steeple People: A Southern Gospel Comedy

Travis has been a professional composer for more than a decade.  One of his proudest accomplishments is the full-scale musical “Steeple People: A Southern Gospel Comedy” which he collaborated on with book-writer Benjamin Jackson.  A hilarious musical centering around a gospel quartet about to embark on their mission trip to Ghana.  For more info click here.

*photo Llly Allen-Duenas - Old Creamery Theatre


Camp Creamery

For the past several years Travis has collaborated as a composer with the Old Creamery Theatre on several children’s show musicals that have been seen by and performed by thousands of children every year. They are so successful that they currently have three troupes traveling through Iowa during the summer in addition to a very busy spring tour.  For more info click here.


Additional Composition

In his spare time Travis enjoys writing some of his own compositions.  Click below to hear some samples.  


Innocence In Essense

One of my personal favorites.  Click below to follow along with the score.

Innocence In Essense (pdf)




A fun composition that was inspired by some of my favorite film scores.  Click below to follow along with the full orchestral score.   

P.S. (pdf)



Eclectic Stroll

Just a simple little tune that has a bit of an eerie edge.  The accordion is one of my favorite instruments!  Click below to follow along with the score.

Eclectic Stroll (pdf)